Time, or lack thereof …

I haven’t blogged here for … well, like forever. Sorry about that but life has been getting in the way of my regularly scheduled life for going on two months now. I’m moving next week and it’s been a hectic summer of looking at houses, getting hopes dashed, finding out you have to do work to your existing house and finally, packing.

But it will all be over soon, thank heaven. Next Saturday the better half and I are moving and with a little luck, normalcy will once again take over and all will be well.

So, what’s going on with me in the writing world? Well, I’ve completed TIM REAPER and will be sending to my agent in September. I’d initially thought I would have the clean version of the third draft available by end-July, but as mentioned, life got in the way of that. I’ve set a target date of September 30th to have it to her – god love my agent and her team for their support and patience.

Once I’m done, I’ll be digging into THE NORTH – my dystopian novel about a group of teen milita who bust out of a Calgary that is bursting at the seams with the living dead. They will do this in their two armored personnel carriers and they’ll be heading north to Churchill Manitoba, on the south west corner of Hudson Bay. They’ll face the living dead, starvation, infighting, wild animals, feral humans who’ll kill anyone for a can of Libby’s baked beans and of course, the unforgiving cold of Canada’s north country. Oh, and they’re going to run out of gas for those two 10,000 pound armored personnel carriers, so yeah, they’re going to be hoofing it.

This is going to be a marked departure for me as an author. Most of the stuff I’ve written up until now has been traditional urban fantasy – books with colorful characters and loaded with humor. THE NORTH, on the other hand, is going to be dark, terrible and at times, hopeless. I think the underlying theme in the book (and I’m about 20k words into it now) is one of finding hope when hope no longer exists, and seeing it through the eyes of a character who is desperately trying to keep it together for his eight year old sister and the small group of teen soldiers he is leading.

As for my novel POLTERGEEKS … well, no news yet on that front but if something really cool happens, I’ll be blogging about it.

I am reading, though. I finished Jim Butcher’s GHOST STORY which I quite enjoyed. Harry Dresden continues to entertain albeit from the hereafter in this one. I’ve read latest installment in the Shaman Bond books by Simon R. Green and had a few laughs as Edwin Drood kicked Satanist ass. I’ve been keeping up with the changes at Dark Central Station and I still have a day job. (Oh, to be able to write full time and pay the bills. What a dream. What a dream.)

So, that’s the update from yours truly. I hope you are having a great summer and reading some awesome books!

All best,


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