1. Crash

    Yeah Baby – I bought a Kobo Touch, I love it for “book” reading. I love the fact Kobo listen to customers and keep “upgrading” the software on these unit. Magnificent hardware, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do, let me read books without restrictions. I already signed up for the Vox, can’t wait. I do not see myself reading for extended period of time on it but I do see it as a nice to for mags, newspaper and an easy portable computer to stay connected when I need to. No way I’d spend the coins on a Ipad, this does all I need for way less. Way to go Kobo! GO Canada GO!

  2. admin

    I’m thinking I’d like to get one too, but I want to see it in the store first so I can test it out. Being a comic book nut like I am, I’d really love to read Doctor Strange on it!

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