Walking Dead recap – Vets don’t get no respect



*** Warning Spoilers ***

Episode two starts off with a flashback to just days before the zombie apocalypse and Shane arriving at Carl’s school to let Lori know that her husband Rick has been shot. (This exists to contrast the fact that Lori has to learn that Carl was accidentally shot by a hunter at the end of episode one last week, I think.) Flash forward to the here and now and we find Rick carrying his badly wounded son Carl to a farmhouse with Shane and an obese hunter who accidentally shot poor Carl hot on Rick’s heels. They’re headed to a lovely looking farmhouse that doesn’t have plywood nailed into the window frames – it’s a doctor’s house, well, a kind of doctor, but we’ll get to that.

Meanwhile, Darryl is in a leadership role and by golly, they still can’t find that rotten Sophia who doesn’t ever freaking listen. Remember her? She’s the kid who bolted for the bush last week when the migrating zombies of doom decided to march through the highway of death. (They still haven’t found her by the end of episode two, incidentally.) Darkness is setting in pretty soon, the searchers will have to head back to the Winebago and resume the search in the morning.

Back at the Winebago, Dale Horvath has discovered that T-Dog has blood poisoning from that amazing cut he sustained during last week’s episode. T-Dog, in a delerium, suggests that both he and Dale grab the Winebago and go on a road trip because Dale is old and T-Dog is black whereas everybody else is not old and not black and clearly of the redneck variety. Dale chastises T-Dog and begins a search for antibiotics in the hundreds of cars on the highway of death because poor T-Dog is losing it.

Back in the woods, our intrepid searchers begin to head back to the highway when Andrea (who is my least favorite character on the show) nearly winds up getting chomped on by a rogue zombie when she is saved by a woman on horseback brandishing a Louisville Slugger baseball bat. She’s the daughter of that sort of doctor I mentioned earlier. She’s there to grab Lori and bring her back to the farmhouse.

Oh, and the Doctor is a vet. He’s doing the best he can to save poor Carl (including turning Rick into a vampire by using Rick’s blood for transfusions) but there’s a lot of bullet fragments inside Carl and the Doc needs to do some surgery. Turns out there’s a FEMA station at the high school up the road. The last time Otis (the guy who shot poor Carl) was there, it was swarming with zombies. Otis volunteers to go with Shane to get the stuff the good Doctor needs to save Carl’s life amid Rick’s protests that he should go, that it’s his fault Carl was shot. Shane threatens to break Rick’s legs if he goes and Otis hops into a truck with Shane to get the goods.

Lori arrives and has a bit of a meltdown. She also comes remarkably close to bitching at the Doctor about the Doctor not being qualified to perform surgery on humans because he’s a vet. I believe she made reference in a snide way to the Doctor having performed surgery on cows and pigs. Rick cuts her off, thankfully and back at the high school, well, it is positively infested with the living dead.

Back at the Winebago in the best scene from the entire episode, Daryl it turns out has a pharmacy worth of illegal drugs including antibiotics in case he gets the clap, so it looks like T-Dog is going to make it. They’ve been told to head to that farmhouse but darn it, Sophia is still missing so they ain’t goin’ nowehere until they find her.

Darkness has settled in as Shane and Otis scope out the high school They find some road flares in the back of an abandoned police car and toss them away from the FEMA trailer as a diversion and the pair sneak into the trailer to get the goods … but, who knew, the zombies got bored with the flares and have resumed shuffling aimlessly around the trailer, so Shane and Otis have to make a run for it. Hijinks ensue. (Meaning, duh, of course they’re going to be chased into the high school Saw that coming from a mile away.)

That’s how last night’s episode ended. Carl is still at death’s door. Rick looks like he’s turning into a vampire. Andrea is still a bitch. Dale is still the spiritual leader of the group. Darryl is turning out to be my favorite character. Lori is probably still pregnant and kind of a bitch. Rick blames himself for pretty much everything and the zombies, well, they’re still zombies. (Oh and we still have no idea where one-handed Merle is.)

I have mixed feelings about the episode because, like episode one, it was really … really … slow. The zombie that Lori nearly succumbed to happened about two-thirds of the way through the episode and I guess what bothers me is that all of what happened last night was really, very predictable.

What makes zombie-lore so damned scary is, well, zombies. It’s the fact that the monsters are everywhere and I found myself at the halfway mark last night wondering if there were going to be any zombies in last night’s show about the zombie apocalypse. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy watching and I’m not ready to write it off. But geez, this season is so grindingly slow right now that I could actually feel myself aging while I watched.

Hopefully next week the pacing picks up.


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