1. I agree. In most big city NC schools they don’t celebrate *any holiday because it might offend someone. They have “fall festivals” and “winter festivals” but nothing during regular school hours. Kind of sad…and homade snacks got banned a while back because of kid allergies and fear of hepatitis type of things.

    We moved to a *very rural NC town recently and at least they do celebrate holidays in school, but nothing violent or scary.

  2. […] Halloween! And unless you’re students attending two Calgary schools where they’ve banned scary costumes…, you might be heading off to a Halloween party this weekend. You might also dress up for the kids […]

  3. Things haven’t gone quite that far here yet, but a couple of the local elementary schools have canceled their annual Halloween parades because not everyone celebrates the holiday. That made me sad. Dressing up is fun and good for kids’ imagination. I really don’t get this attitude of “one person doesn’t want to participate, so no one can.” They could have scheduled an alternative activity for kids whose parents don’t want them to celebrate Halloween.

    Thankfully, the elementary school in my neighborhood is still having its parade. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day, to go out on the front porch and wave to the kids and ooh and aah over their costumes. And during trick-or-treat hours, we’ll hand out enough candy to decay the teeth of a small village. 🙂

    • admin

      I agree, Nancy. I think that every time I hear of a story like this, I can’t help but feel that kids of today are losing those precious bits of childhood magic. Political correctness bugs the hell out of me and Canada has to be the most politically correct nation on the planet.

      • When my daughter was little, we’d spend weeks planning her costume. She did everything from funny to scary to silly to elaborate. (The best costume we made for her was the Empire State Building, complete with King Kong climbing up the side and being attacked by planes.) As an adult, she still loves Halloween–this year she’s going as a Roy Lichtenstein-style pop-art comic strip character. She also happens to be a very caring person, despite the fact that she’s dressed up as Wednesday Addams, a blood-soaked vampire, and a Viking (different years LOL). She didn’t learn about caring in a school assembly.

        Do administrators seriously think kids won’t see the “celebration of caring” as a lame replacement for something that actually would have been fun? That sort of thing tends to backfire. I bet the kids will make fun of it, not to mention resent it for replacing a “real” Halloween party.

        • admin

          My money is on some kids showing up in a spooky costume – children aren’t stupid and they can spot this kind of BS from a mile away.

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