1. Brian

    CBC celebrated it’s 75th birthday today and commented on many of the great shows from the past. CBC is so out of touch they didn’t see the irony in this celebration. They aired comments from the public about shows from the past and how these shows were part of the Canadian culture for Canadians as they grew up. The CBC was so blind that they didn’t see the huge gap over the last decade or more, where they have produced nothing that the public could relate to. They didn’t see the fact that they should be embarrassed that they have produced virtually nothing of interest for Canadians for too many years. All they could do is pat themselves on the back for shows that were produced long before many of them joined the CBC. They were not able to see themselves as an outdated relic that they have become. Cbc’s studios have been mostly sitting empty for too many years now…come on CBC, stop and think for a moment why you are here!?

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