Walking Dead Recap – Shane Blows a Gasket


Yep, that’s Sophia. You remember her, don’t you? She decided to bolt from underneath a car during a migration of the living dead on that nasty highway of smashed up cars. She’s been missing for weeks and, well, she’s a zombie now. This was the *surprise* reveal at the end of Sunday night’s mid-season finale and if you didn’t see that coming, grab a shovel and hit yourself in the face a few dozen times.

The show opened with Glenn spilling the beans to everyone about what Doc Hershel had *hidden* inside that barn and for a zombie fan like me, this is the weakest link in the series this season because zombies moan … a lot. You would think that Rick’s band of intrepid survivors would have, I don’t know, heard the moaning after one night sleeping under canvas, but no. These Barn Zombies are a new breed – silent and stealthy. They rarely complain. They just shamble about aimlessly as their flesh slowly rots away. (And then there’s the issue of the stench. You’d think that if Rick’s peeps hadn’t heard the zombies they would have at least smelled them. I mean, there were a dozen in that barn. A dozen!!)

Anyway, Lori is still preggers and Rick has a bit of a tiff with Shane early on in the show – informing Shane that Lori is knocked up. Rick decides to go and reason some more with Doc Hershel to see if some common ground can be reached, but the Doc wants them gone. Even though his daughter Maggie is starting to come to realization that it’s kind of nice to have Rick’s clan sticking around. Plus she has a boyfriend in Glenn, now, so …

Shane confronts Lori about the pregnancy and Lori tells Shane that even if the baby is his, it’s not going to be his baby. So there. Suck it up. Shane, who is already slowly falling apart is about to go postal – you can see it coming. Young Carl tells Shane what for, emitting the word “bullshit” and he says to Shane, “dude, we are so not leaving until we find Sophia.” So Shane heads back to the Winnebago to get some guns but spiritual leader of the group Dale (who is really starting to bug me even more than bitchy Andrea) has taken it upon himself to hide all the guns. Not a good idea when loose cannon Shane is coming apart. This after Dale warns Andrea that Shane is bad news – but she’s already had kinky post apocalyptic back seat sex with Shane so Dale’s counsel is ignored.

Later on in the swamp, Dale is confronted by Shane after being caught trying to hide the cache of guns. Shane doesn’t like this one bit and the pair have a very direct heart to heart during which Dale threatens to shoot Shane but eventually backs down. Shane got the guns back. Shane is all about the guns this episode.

Other things are happening. We learn how Doc Hershel collects zombies for the barn after two get stuck in the swamp. He enlists Rick’s help to rope them using whatever the heck those things that dog catchers use with the noose at the end of a long pole. Rick clearly hasn’t been able to get the fact that zombies are dead flesh through the good Doc’s brain as the Doc still thinks he can save them somehow. Annnnnnd … well, Shane and the rest of the team see the zombies being led to the barn so naturally Shane finally … loses … his … freaking … mind.

Shane smashes open the barn. Zombies start spilling out. Andrea, T-Dog, Shane and Glen start shooting them whilst Doc Hershel drops to his knees and has a melt down. And then finally … finally after weeks and weeks and weeks, teeny tiny zombie Sophia shambles out. We’re all shocked … shocked I tell you! Rick is the only guy with the balls to actually shoot her because the rest of the group is fairly stunned. (I won’t get into how Sophia’s mum earlier on seems to have resigned herself to the fact that her daughter is dead. I also won’t get into the fact that the best character this season, Darryl, is woefully underutilized yet again.)

And that’s how the show ended. Dead zombie Sophia amid a pile of dead zombies. A lot of crying and the team fracturing. The best character in this episode was Shane. He’s a man with nothing left. He’s told Lori that Rick doesn’t have it in him to survive. We are going to see a Team Shane and a Team Rick, I think, for the rest of the season.

Final thoughts – I still enjoy the show. I just wish it wasn’t so predictable.


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