My Top Tweeple for 2011


Imagine – a blog posting that has nothing at all to do with zombies or my books or books about zombies. Who knew? According to Klout, I have like … negative integer influence in the social networking world, hence, I am the published author of three books that nobody has heard of before. In short, I rock … and so do these people! Why? Because their tweets constantly entertain, they have fantastic websites and most importantly, they each possess qualities I really admire. So, without further gum-flapping on my part, here’s my list of top Tweeple for 2011.

10) @romimoondi – whose real name is actually Romi Moondi. Why do I like her? Well, she’s a writer and that makes her cool. She’s funny, that makes her cooler. She ditched her agent and is going it alone, that makes her gutsy, possibly insane and way way more ballsy than me, AND … she gives me my daily giggle from Toronto’s Go-Train on her way to work each day. Romi rocks, she’s self-depracating and quick on her feet when it comes to messaging on her smart phone. If you aren’t following her, you should. If you haven’t bought her books, get on it now!

9) @TezMillerOz – whose real name is Tez Miller. She’s a geek like me except she has a funny Australian accent and drinks Foster’s beer. (Okay, I made that up.) She’s an avid book blogger, she does great reviews and she is utterly FEARLESS in who she messages on Twitter. (Seriously, even Ashton Kutcher likes Tez … I think.) You can’t not like her and for that reason, she’s made my list this year. (Also, I do this in the name of Commonwealth harmony.)

8) @ChatterboxCGC – whose real name is Christie Crowder. She’s in Atlanta. She is a blogging machine who has been doing social networking a LOT longer than me. She’s a mom which makes her infinitely qualified to know precisely what products are good and which ones are shite. She’s a writer with one book under her belt. Funny lady with a keen eye for ¬†getting her name out there. Congrats Christie, you made my list of top Tweeps!

7) @elladkahn – whose real name is Ella Kahn. She’s in London. She talks funny too, compared to me … or maybe I talk funny to her. Anyway, she’s my literary agent’s assistant and Ella is AWESOME!! She makes my list because of her ABUNDANCE of energy and the fact that she puts up with all my anxieties – hell, she doesn’t even charge me when I ask her advice. She has a great insight into publishing trends and she is S-M-A-R-T. She’s the 2011 chair for the Society of Young Publishers in the UK and she is going to make a freaking UNBELIEVABLE literary agent one day. You’d be lucky to sign with Ella because if your book passes muster with her then you don’t suck. (YAY! I don’t suck as a writer!! Yay me!!)

6) @kinsellawarren – whose real name is Warren Kinsella. I’m a politics junkie and Warren Kinsella is a must read for anyone who wants the inside scoop on all things back room in the Canadian political system. He is a guy who has balls the size of the old Montreal Forum. He is an operative. He is in the know about more than he’s probably willing to admit and … and … he will tell you to @#$% clear off if you cross him. His blog is a MUST read. He’s a published author …. AND he’s from my hometown of Calgary which makes him uber-cool. (OH AND HE’S A PUNK ROCKER! YEAH, HE DOES GIGS AND EVERYTHING!)

5) @inklessPW – whose real name is Paul Wells. Hand’s down, the best political pundit in Canada. He actually *gets* Prime Minister Stephen Harper, no small feat because Canada’s current Prime Minister has the personality of drywall tape. He’s a jazz lover and he’s generally bang on in his analysis nine times out of ten. A must read.

4) @stephenfry – whose real name is … duh ... Stephen Fry. If you don’t know who he is, unfollow me right bloody now.

3) @stephen_taylor – whose real name is Stephen Taylor. He’s a conservative blogger in Canada and one of those National Citizen’s Coalition guys. He’s also one of the few people who can actually bait Kady O’Malley into a war of tweets and he’s got a keen eye for spin. In other words, he spins all things Conservative – sometimes even before it’s happened. It’s quite a wonder to behold, really. Taylor has insight into Ottawa and is a very entertaining guy … even if he does have a beard.

2) @kady – whose real name is Kady O’Malley. Everybody loves Kady (except for the government info-bot thingy and the Tory war room during a federal election.) She’s got thumbs of fury and is probably the most electronically connected journalist covering national politics in Canada. She’s a freaking WALKING library of Parliamentary rules and procedure … no, I mean she loves this stuff. She’d rather read Hansard from some obscure debate during R.B. Bennett’s time as Prime Minister than to actually go out and see a movie or grab a good steak. She is ruthless … RUTHLESS when it comes to trolls. (You see, a lot of Conservative trolls have it in their minds that Kady is a Liberal shill – which she isn’t. Kady O’Malley is happy to rip any political figure a new one in 140 characters or less regardless of their political stripe.) You simply cannot dislike her unless you’re an agendized automaton that’s part of some Tory Skynet thing. Follow her on Twitter. Do it. Now.

1) @Bez – whos real name is ????? I started following Bez early this year not because of her frankly bizarre very bizarre tweets. No. I follow her to remind me to check out her website every day. (It’s called The Daily Bez… get it? You will once you check out that site.)

I admire this young lady a hell of a lot. Why? Because she has got GUTS. Look at the pictures! Look at how she dresses! She’s able to cobble together the most outlandish fashion which she somehow manages to pull off! She’s creative to something like the power of a jillion. Some people have a flair for color; well Bez IS THE LIVING MANIFESTATION OF COLOR. If the refracted light spectrum could somehow become a human being, then Bez is it. Period. Follow this young lady and Bez … COFFEE TABLE BOOK! COFFEE TABLE BOOK! (I have been bugging her to publish her pics because they’re fantastic.) If you’re in New York and you’re a fashion designer of some note – do hire this young lady. She’s freaking AWESOME!


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