POLTERGEEKS is coming!

Picture of angst-ridden Canadian author who is dying to share AWESOME news but has been told to keep his trap shut.


I’ve been meaning to add a blog posting about the fact that Angry Robot’s new YA imprint Strange Chemistry Books has acquired my novel POLTERGEEKS. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the past few weeks. First off, I’m just pumped about the deal my agents Jenny Savill and Ella Kahn negotiated. We’d been submitting the novel to publishers since last March and actually came pretty close early on but it didn’t pan out – this is a good thing because I love Angry Robot’s books. (I’m currently reading NEKROPOLIS by Tim Waggoner it’s a great, great read. It’s Simon R Green’s Nightside on speed.) You can actually buy them in a bookstore in Saskatoon (whereas my Snowbooks titles aren’t available at bookstores in North America.) and the publisher puts out really cutting edge stuff.

Ella Kahn informed me that she was submitting at the beginning of December just after Strange Chemistry was revealed to the world and she nailed it – she said we’d be a perfect fit. Naturally I went into my own little fit of giggles when I thought about it because Angry Robot is just a fantastic publisher and I drew onto my reserves of patience through the Christmas season because if you’re an agented author you’re really in the dark until your agent hears something. Christmas came and went and then on January 4th of this year I received the following email:

>>Hey Sean,

 Might you be free for a quick phone call? We have some news for you…

 Ella J<<

So I’m at work. It’s my second day back after the holiday. It’s like … nine in the morning here in the middle of the frozen Canadian prairie and I have to do everything humanly possible not the #$%@ a brick. I quickly emailed back and Ella was on the phone from London less than five minutes later. (By the way, I haven’t actually met my agents yet – this was the first time I heard Ella Kahn’s voice so, yeah, she doesn’t sound like Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, but that’s cool. I’m hoping to visit the UK in short order to rectify this.)

She let me know about the offer. I tried again not to #$@! a brick and then I went into “keep this under your hat mode” for two weeks. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is NOT to tell the world that one of your absolutely FAVE publishing houses wants to buy your book? Keeping your trap shut is actually harder than writing the book! Seriously, it was a crazy two weeks until the book deal was finalized and then on Friday last, Amanda Rutter (who is my editor now) emailed me with the press release instructing me to shout the news from the rooftops. (She then emailed me with cover art ideas and she  too freaking nailed it. She knew what I was hoping for and I have a sneaky suspicion that the POLTERGEEKS cover is going to look absolutely AWESOME!)

So, here we are. The deal is announced and I’m knee-deep in edits that have to be completed by the end of February. Amanda has given me some really neat ideas for constructive changes to the story that are going to help it shine and we get along famously. I’ve acquired a hell of a lot of Twitter followers (Thanks for following me everyone! You’re awesome!) and I’m told that Amanda is getting a lot of requests for ARC’s of the book.

It’s been a whirlwind month, but I have to tell you – it feels really great. Jenny, Ella and I worked our tails off to make POLTERGEEKS salable and I’m really blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive and creative team of people behind me.  I have the second novel already outlined and will be digging into that once this round of editing is done. I’m looking forward to organizing a blog tour and setting up some giveaways. I’ve also got a neat idea for a book-specific website with some interactive content – shhhh … more to follow on that as we approach the publication date this fall.

In the meantime, I just want to say that I’m a really happy guy. Ella told me that she had a feeling 2012 was going to be an awesome year. She was right. Have a good one!

P.S. Your agent is always right.


6 thoughts on “POLTERGEEKS is coming!

  1. Sean, delighted to hear this! Brilliant news 🙂 I love your style, and know how hard you’ve worked on this particular title. You know you’re always welcome over to my blog, so keep me in mind for the tour 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Wayne – I will definitely head over to your blog for the tour! I’m very excited about the book deal – Gary McMahon says that Angry Robot is just fabulous. 🙂

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