My Letter To A Completed Project


April 2, 2012

Dear Poltergeeks:

This past weekend I completed final changes on you for my dear editor at Strange Chemistry Books. These were the last changes on a two-year project from the time I queried my equally dear agent Jenny Savill. This led to a fairly intensive revisions process whilst Jenny, her assistant Ella Kahn and I got used to working together. I know, Poltergeeks, I know … you were there through all of it.  Remember when I did that first draft of you back in September 2009? Remember how you started off as a cool idea that summer and how it led to a flurry of writing over a thirty-five day period during which I pumped out that first, innocent draft of you?

We’ve come a long way, Poltergeeks – the two of us. And I know there were difficult times … I know. Remember how I sucked at writing romance and that you needed to have romantic elements to make the book more realistic for teens? Remember how Jenny told me to print you off and highlight everything that even smelled romantic with a pink highlighter and then rewrite it so that it made more sense? All of this was before I even signed with her – she and Ella made me a better writer and you know, Poltergeeks, you should thank them because you don’t bear much resemblance to that first draft from September 2009.

So here we are, Poltergeeks. This weekend my fabulous editor Amanda told me that you and me … well, we’re done now. There’s nothing more I can do to you. Soon you will go through the final touches before you get published. Soon you will have incredible cover art … we’ll actually get to see what Julie looks like. It’s like a prom dress,that cover art. You’re going to the prom Poltergeeks, except it doesn’t happen in May or June … for you it will be in October.

I’m a sentimental kind of guy, Poltergeeks. It’s why I’m writing this letter to you – I kind of feel like that lost looking parent who has just sent their child off to his/her first day of school. So much awaits you, Poltergeeks … you might be a hit. You’re going to get reviewed, there’s going to be a blog tour, giveaways, the list goes on. People are going to see you at the bookstore and grab you and spin you over to read the back cover blurb. They’re going to spend their hard earned money to buy you and they might like you enough to recommend you to a friend or two.

And I promise not to have a writer meltdown if there are any bad reviews. I promise not to make an ass of myself because after querying more than thirty agents, after going through six sets of revisions before my agent actually started to try and sell you. After working closely with an editor for the last two months, I’ve learned that publishing is so darned subjective. You might be a great book to some, a not so great book to others – to me, though, dear Poltergeeks … you’re the book that got me an agent and that’s a huge milestone. You’re the book that people are adding on Goodreads and at least a couple of people have already pre-ordered on Amazon. Pretty cool, huh?

So off you go now, Poltergeeks. Our journey is complete. It’s been a whirlwind two years of hard work and I send you out to the universe. My work on you is done and I’m very grateful to everyone who helped me make you what you are today. It’s bittersweet, I suppose … but you’re a big book now and I have to write your sequel. So go on now … scoot, Poltergeeks. You’re free of me at last.


Best Wishes,




  1. Written like a father onto a much beloved child. Also gives us, your fans and readers a chance to see all that went into the book that will soon be in peoples’ hands!

    • admin

      Can’t wait either! Once I get that cover art I have some pretty cool stuff to start sharing with the world. Stay tuned!

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