Reason #8932 of why I adore my mother.

Below is an email from my mother that I just received a few moments ago – there are typos because Mom’s 78 year old vision is going. But it’s a wonderful memory of something that she experienced sixty seven years ago.


i found it strange that cbc was the only newea service that mentioned that yesterday was the end of ww2 and today is the actual sigbibg of the surrender by the various generals. has too juch time passed? i remember that day like it was yesterday. My father had been gone for a month or so and that day i was in grade six and we had the day off school so I rode a free street car and bus up to my friends place and we went to the rcaf barracks on avenue road where there were tons of people and they burned a fuge effigy of Hitler and Mussolini. Memory is amazing isn’t ity===mom


Mom, you rock.

Also, I still like Iron Maiden so get over it. 🙂


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