Fun with the Canada Revenue Agency

See that form? That’s a form I need to get stamped by the Canada Revenue Agency so that my literary agent can release funds to me for a book I wrote that comes out in October. I sent this form in to their office in Regina in March and the Canada Revenue Agency lost it.  I called them last week to check on why I hadn’t received it and they said they would have to do a search. The guy last week told me it would take 5-7 days to do the search. I called them today, a different person told me that it would take 30 days to process the search.

It gets better. (Worse, actually)

I asked the lady on the phone if there was anyone I could take new forms to locally to get them stamped. She put me into a queue for 30 minutes to something called “the next level”. A man answered and informed me that it would take 30 days to find the lost forms. I told him that I knew that and asked if I could go to the Saskatoon office of the Canada Revenue Agency to get them stamped. He then, and I shit you not, WENT TO THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY WEBSITE TO SEE IF IT COULD BE DONE AT THE SASKATOON OFFICE!!

Of course the website said it couldn’t be done. I knew this because, gasp, I was staring at the website at the same time! So I asked him where the closest Canada Revenue Agency Office might be where I could go in person to get a tax exemption form stamped. The guy on the phone told me “the closest CRA office where you could get it done would be Ottawa”. For those unaware, Ottawa is Canada’s national capital and it’s more than 2000 kilometers (1400 miles) from where I live.






This is what we’re paying for in the way of the highest taxes in North America. This is Canada’s public service. Full wages and benefits and a pension plan and job security and …. nobody in my city is qualified to put a stamp on a piece of paper the UK Tax Office needs to prove that I am in fact, Canadian.

It’s this kind of crap that reinforces my steadfast believe that the entire civil service should be privatized. Thought everyone should know about this. They lost the forms, not me. I am trapped in a bureaucratic loop that is starting to feel very much like The Matrix.


#### UPDATE ####

Canada Revenue Agency called me back (odd because I did not give them my number) to inform me they found the missing forms and they were mailed today. Anyone want to figure that one out??? I did notice a slew of Government of Canada IP addresses visiting my website within an hour of this posting coming out and it appearing on Twitter.


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