Writing teen romance in the age of the iPhone


Teenagers communicate via text messaging nowadays. Gone are the fights between siblings to get off the phone or an angry father hanging up the phone because his daughter has been talking to the boyfriend he highly disapproves of for the past three hours.

But texting is how we communicate in 2012. Even I engage in texting, though I suspect something I text will eventually wind up on Damn You Auto Correct.

POLTERGEEKS best buds  Julie and Marcus communicate via text message and as an author I can’t tell you how hard it is to present teen romance when both parties are typing words as opposed to exchanging glances or offering a gentle caress. You can’t do a gentle caress on an iPhone save for texting a picture of one.

This is very frustrating for me.  Julie and Marcus think I’m lame. I probably am, actually.

Jules: Hey.

HawkingFan: Hey. Sup?

Jules: Not much. Mom is on a tear.

HawkingFan: She’s crying? WTF?

Jules: :/ No. She’s in grounding mode.

HawkingFan: Gotcha. So last night was awesome. 🙂

Jules: Really? I’d have thought that a serial killing demon would scare the sh@t  out of a person.

HawkingFan: No not that. That WAS scary. I’m talking about our date.

Jules: Our date got crashed by a demon – remember?

HawkingFan: Yeah but it was still awesome.

Jules: :/ Demons are not awesome. They r evil incarnate.

HawkingFan: *rolls eyes* No. Our date was awesome.

Jules: 🙂 Ya. It was. *swoon*

HawkingFan: U R swooning? Did you swoon during our date? What does swooning look like?

Jules: I don’t know … it looks like swooning ok? What r u doing?

HawkingFan: Calculus. I am swooning while I work out this formula.

Jules: Cool. So do you miss me?

HawkingFan: Yes. Of course I miss you.

Jules: Do u think Cummings gets texting?

HawkingFan: Well he could have given me a cooler handle. 

Jules: Well he is old.

HawkingFan: And bald. Do old bald guys get teen romance?

Jules: I doubt it. He doesn’t understand why teenagers don’t talk on the phone.

HawkingFan: *rolls eyes* Well why talk when u can text.

Jules: Precisely. When I’m 44 I promise not to be so obtuse about technology.

HawkingFan: We won’t be texting when we r 44. Everything will be telepathic.

Jules: *grins* Will that be on a high speed network? It might be expensive.

HawkingFan: Probably roaming charges too.

Jules: Yep. Well … this has been a romantic discussion. I heart u.

HawkingFan: I heart u back. Go slam evil or something. I need to get this Calculus homework done.





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