For the hell of it, I’m doing a giveaway! (AMENDED)

Hi all!

I’m promoting my forthcoming YA debut POLTERGEEKS and if you want to win the prize pack here’s what I’d love for you to do:

 Add POLTERGEEKS to your reading list on Goodreads,  (only if you REALLY want to read it)
Post your links in the comments section below. And what do you win?
A POLTERGEEKS Kindle/Kobo/Sony/Nook Cover
A copy of this ….

And this….

And this ….


Oh … and how about a signed copy of this????

I’m going to announce a winner on Tuesday June 12th. So, there you go! Good luck!


6 thoughts on “For the hell of it, I’m doing a giveaway! (AMENDED)

  1. I would love to read Poltergeeks ! I have a Kindle.
    Thank You

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