What’s new & hot in Middle Grade and YA fiction?


I’m going to be on a few panels during next month’s WHEN WORDS COLLIDE in Calgary. The panel I’m looking forward to the most is “WHAT’S NEW & HOT IN MIDDLE GRADE & YA FICTION?” There’s a boatload of fantastic books out there and I’m privileged to be writing for Angry Robot’s new imprint STRANGE CHEMISTRY BOOKS which has some of the newest and truly hottest YA fiction going. No, I’m serious. Kim Curran’s SHIFT is brilliant and reads like a movie. Gwenda Bond’s BLACKWOOD is a new take on an old bit of folklore. My good friend A.E. Rought’s BROKEN is going to freaking BLOW YOUR MIND, it’s just that good. (I read it two months ago. It’s awesome and she’s having her cover reveal today. I’ve seen the cover. It too is awesome.)

Rather than comprise my own list, I’d love to hear from you! What have you read that’s new, mind bending and just plain freaking awesome in the way of middle grade and young adult? I’ll be using your recommendations to make a nice little list I’ll be using on the panel. I’ll even mention your name and why you say the book/s your are recommending rock!

So …. what’s new & hot in your books? Feel free to name your choices is the comments section below!




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