Yet more sniping aimed at book bloggers

From today’s The Independent. Notably this:

The rise of blogging has proved particularly worrying, he says. “Eventually that will be to the detriment of literature. It will be bad for readers; as much as one would like to think that many bloggers opinions are as good as others. It just ain’t so. People will be encouraged to buy and read books that are no good, the good will be overwhelmed, and we’ll be worse off.

So basically, you have to wear a monocle, drink brandy from a snifter while you sit in an enormous wing back chair smoking a pipe with all your dusty first editions in the background.

Personally, I think this is more about a dying medium – the newspaper industry. That’s where *real* book reviewers post their reviews. At any rate, I’m not going to rant. I’m just going to encourage book bloggers everywhere to continue what they’re doing … oh, and maybe post this little graphic to your book blog to legitimize your capacity for independent thought and your ability to critique a book with the best of them.



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      1. By Brian Dolton on

        I love monocles so much I wear two! One on each eye! But I join them together for convenience of use. Oh, wait…

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