Random thoughts

I’d like to do more blog posts – I’d like to write one every day if I had something interesting to say. Of course my brain is going a mile a minute. Here’s what I’m thinking about:

1) The response to my forthcoming POLTERGEEKS has been amazing. I’m really blown away by the enthusiasm of bloggers – seriously, you guys are just awesome. All of you.

2) Do I go watch Queen’s Park Rangers vs West Ham United next Monday evening even though I will be jet-lagged like crazy?

3) I’ve pumped out a few chapters of a YA story that is decidedly NOT urban fantasy. I’m not entirely sure what it is – perhaps I’ll print them off for my agent when I meet her next week in London.

4) I’m 45 in less than two weeks. I’ve got crazy, old man eyebrow hair. This is very disconcerting.

5) Chuck Wendig and Chris F. Holm are my two new favorite authors. I tweet this fact a great deal of the time.

6) I am really quite bald up top now. I get a brush cut every two weeks. If I grow a beard will I look like a biker and thereby scare away young readers?

7) I’m very proud of my son, Shane. He’s 22 and he’s starting to set his compass bearing for his future. He’s a great young man.

8) Will my baggage get lost on the way to London? (Please God, no.)

9) How can I get Matt Smith to come to Waterstone’s Bluewater on October 7th to read a chapter from POLTERGEEKS … hmmmm ….

10) I feel like I’m standing on the precipice of … something. Not entirely sure what, though.

11) What the hell is going on with the shots at book bloggers these days?

12) Which ale should I order at a good English pub?

13) Will mushy peas go right through me at the worst possible time? (With my luck, yes.)

14) Will there be a war over a bacon shortage this winter?

15) Does anyone ever consider the sheer miracle associated with drawing a breath into their lungs?

16) Just how small will the bathroom be at the hotel in London?

17) Just how well will POLTERGEEKS do when it comes out next week?

18) I would like to see a World’s Finest movie. Batman and Superman together, kicking ass.

19) What’s the best British chocolate bar?

20) Is there decent coffee in London?

Yeah, my brain is full of stuff this morning. I’m off to London in four days. Poltergeeks hits bookstores next week. Lots going on, trying to catch my breath.



  1. 2) Yes, because how often do you get to go?

    5) They are pretty fab. Mockingbird blew my socks of and I can’t wait to get stuck into The Wrong Goodbye.

    11) Old establishment woes 😉

    12) No clue as I don’t drink ale, so can’t help you there.

    15) Ehm, yes? Frequently after recovering from a cold!

    16) Tiny to smallish depending on the number of stars 😉

    17) Hopefully brilliant!

    19) Anything imported from Belgium 😉

    20) Yes, yes there is, but you’ll have to find it with a searchlight. Otherwise there is Starbucks ;-p

    And those were the only ones I could help you with!!

    Hope you have a fab time in London and if you see Amanda give her a hug for me 😀

  2. cadbury chocolate is my favorite.
    the bathrooms will probably be kid sized and no shower head. They give you this rubber hose with a spout on it to hook to the taps.
    45 sucks as bad as you think it does.
    don’t eat mushy peas
    the biker look is fashionable right now, but you will have to get a tattoo also
    give it to your agent and beta reader 😛
    don’t forget the miracle of taking 2 cells and producing another human being
    see the damn game!
    make sure you jump when you get to the precipice

  3. oh, and get a freaking email subscriber button! The main one most people use, Feedburner, is being cut by Google Oct 20…so we are all scrambling to find a replacement. I will let you know…;)

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