A Note of Thanks

It’s kind of a grainy picture but I have a crummy web cam.

What I’m holding in my right hand is the culmination of nearly three years of hard work. I’m off to London on Sunday (WOO HOO!!) and I’m going to meet a bunch of people that I can’t wait to meet. I’ve already got three books under my belt, but this one … this one is special. POLTERGEEKS is the book that got me an agent. It’s the book that got me a book deal with Strange Chemistry Books. It’s the little book that could and to finally hold the finished product in my hot little hands is just damned special.

So I want to thank Amanda Rutter, my editor at Strange Chemistry. She really gave me a lot of insight into how to make this book shine – and I really think it does. I’m proud to say that POLTERGEEKS is the best thing that I’ve written to date. Amanda played a massive part in all of this. A keen eye for detail and more importantly, I think that Amanda helped me recognize some very important qualities in the story that made it sound, well, more teen if that makes any sense. Damned good editor for a damned good book. Period.

I want to thank my agent’s assistant Ella Kahn for putting up with me for the last year and a half. (I’m a bit neurotic. Okay a LOT neurotic, what can I say?)

And finally the biggest thanks goes out to my literary agent Jenny Savill.  She took a chance on a story written by a forty-something guy in the middle of the cold Canadian prairie. Jenny immediately spotted the potential in the query and sample chapters I sent to her. She invested a massive amount of time in an extremely detailed revision process. She too put up with my neurotic ways and she helped me identify the key parts of this book that needed work. She counselled patience where patience was needed. She cheered me on … like a lot.  She told me to crack out that pink highlighter and print off the entire manuscript with a goal of highlighting everything that looked like romance because it needed a ton of work. And she even got herself into cell phone range to offer me representation as she was on vacation at the time – that was a crazy day two Augusts ago.

Very simply, this book would not have happened without Jenny. She has helped me become a better writer. A smarter writer. A more patient writer.

So there you go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s down to the wire now. By this time next week POLTERGEEKS will be on sale everywhere. I’m grateful to so many people for their support and encouragement as this book went from an idea in my head to the paperback with the killer cover art in  the picture above.

Onward and upward!!!


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