1. Excellent idea, and ambitious (for all the right reasons). I’m with you 100%. Bullying is a ridiculous thing that needs to be stamped out. Children and adults alike have to know that there are thousands (if not, millions) of people just like them that they can lean on.

    I hope that this icon shows up everywhere!

  2. What a great idea: YA authors getting together to get the word out to kids about resources and support. I have written about bullying several times on my blog, and you are right, people are not doing enough. School administrators say they have a no tolerance policy for bullying, but it was all talk as I found out when my own kids were bullied. Also, with social media, kids aren’t even safe once they leave school Bullying has gone to a whole new level. It isn’t like it was when I was a kid. Adults have to realize that and deal with the problem as it exists now. I write adult novels, but I will add your symbol on my blog. Kudos to you Sean!

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