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I promise to do a blog post with pictures about my trip to England! I just have to figure out how to get them off my smart phone!

Jeebus! Have I been back for more than a week already? Time flies like crazy and soon the tiny metropolis of Saskatoon where I live will be grinding its way through another bone-chillingly flipping cold winter. I do more writing in the winter time – this generally has to do with the fact that Saskatoon isn’t like a lot of other places come winter.  Temperatures well below -20 Celsius are pretty much the norm in these parts and that damned, constant prairie wind will still the breath right out of your lungs when it’s that cold.

So I stay indoors and write.

And what am I writing these days? Well, my editor at Strange Chemistry Books is the fabulous Amanda Rutter. She’s got the sequel to POLTERGEEKS entitled STUDENT BODIES.  I expect to be hitting the revisions on that in the coming weeks. As for new stuff? Well, I’m doing revisions for a project entitled THE NORTH. (I will probably change the title.) All you need to know is this:

1) Young Adult militia

2) Six months after the zombie apocalypse

3) Breaking out of the city in two armored personnel carriers

4) Fight

5) Survive

6) Save your eight-year-old sister’s life and perhaps your own while you’re at it.

7) Rebuild the world once you survive all the dangers a zombie-infested planet possesses

8) SUNRAY (I am so NOT going to divulge what this means)

I’m also completing a middle grade novel entitled TANK. Simple premise, really. A kid who is picked on at school buys a zombie bodyguard off the Internet. Hi jinks ensue – also, lock up your cats.

My agent is currently shopping an adult urban fantasy entitled TIM REAPER. I do hope it finds a home soon – I could write about a dozen or more books with TIM REAPER as the star because he’s a blast to write about. Fingers are crossed on that one.

And finally, I’m collecting research for a YA project that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s NOT going to be fantasy or zombies or anything like that. It has a tentative title right now and it’s based on a simple premise that has been sitting in the back of my head for a couple of years after I had a talk with my then 18 year-old son Shane. I tried to convey a fact that I think a lot of young people might not truly understand what with reality TV, text messaging, Facebook and the pressures of growing up in 2012: once upon a time about seventy years ago, young people their own age saved the world.

Well, there you have it. An ambitious agenda. I want to thank everyone who follows me on Twitter and Facebook for all the support. Thanks to all the bloggers out there who are in love with POLTERGEEKS – the second book will be in your hot little hands sooner than you think!

Have a good one!


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