1. Hear, hear! Good post. I don’t understand why some authors leap to the conclusion that a negative review has to be sock puppetry instead of a reviewer sharing their honest opinion. Is it that hard to believe not everyone is going to love everything you do? On the other hand, there are many people who eviscerate for the enjoyment of eviscerating, but that the same thing as your garden variety internet troll: we all know to leave those alone!

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      And I think you hit the nail on the head – there are always going to be trolls. They’re easy to spot and most people can see them from a mile away. Authors should recognize this.

  2. Well put Sean. Very well put. I say this not as a reviewer, but instead just as a reader who is getting a little tired of authors (even some bigger names) losing their shit about this type of thing.

    I don’t get it either. It’s as if they think that everyone on the whole planet is carbon copied from them and is going to like their work. That’s just lunacy. Some people are going to like your work and others won’t. That’s life. ESPECIALLY life made from art.

    Thanks for posting this. Quite important.

  3. so true. I have never been confronted about a review, but I am careful to state my opinion without ripping the author a new one over a book I didn’t like. While authors need to suck it up, some reviewers need to stop being assholes just because they can. Reviewers should comment on the book/writing technique not make it personal. thanks for being an advocate for reviewers 🙂

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