Happy Halloween – here’s a treat!

Here’s a clip from a Canadian TV show from 1971 .The program was called “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein”. It was produced in Hamilton, Ontario for CHCH TV and was in syndication on pretty much every English speaking channel in Canada during the 70’s. (Before cable, Canadians had three channels. The English CBC, CTV and the French Radio Canada.)

It featured Vincent Price (who must have been hard up for cash in those days) as a spooky host and a boatload of creepy characters, the bulk of them played by the late, great Billy Van.

This one is the creepiest – The Librarian. Have a watch and feast your eyes on a fabulously spooky setting not to mention some pretty damned convincing make-up effects – a heck of a thing for a show that was on a shoestring budget. If you remember this show,  feel free to comment and share your memories!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!


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