Donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief

If you haven’t been moved by the images pouring out of New York, New Jersey and all the areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, spend some time looking at the pictures of the devastation. The local Red Cross chapters in the areas affected need your help ASAP. Please click below and give something to help out!

I’m giving away five epub copies of my book POLTERGEEKS to the first five people who donate. Send me an email to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca. Okay? Go! (I’m out of print copies for giveaways). AND I’m gonna sweeten the pot. If those donations are more than $100, I’m going to give five signed copies of my book SHADE FRIGHT (print, yay!) and five signed copies of my book FUNERAL PALLOR. (print, double yay!)

Any other authors out there who want to stimulate the donations by giving away some free reads, you can get this widget for your website or blog here.


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