Friday night thoughts on this and that.

Well it’s been a whirlwind of an autumn for me, though you wouldn’t know it was autumn in the tiny metropolis of Saskatoon because we have a foot and a half of snow on the ground. You know, I think I haven’t thanked enough people for all the good wishes since POLTERGEEKS hit bookstores last month. So, here are some thanks I want to send out:

1) To bloggers – thanks for reading and reviewing my book. Even if you didn’t like it, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I can’t tell you how insightful I’ve found all the reviews and it gives me pause to consider how I might possibly write better. (I’m still learning as I go, even at the ripe old age of 45.)

2) To fellow Strange Chemistry Books author Ann Rought who listens to me vent. Thanks, Ann. You are awesome as always. (And please, do read her forthcoming BROKEN. Trust me. It’s bittersweet, haunting and a wonderful book.)

3) To fellow Strange Chemistry Books author Kim Curran who I met in London and who attended two signings alongside me. We also had lunch and talked our faces off! She wrote SHIFT. Did I mention it should be a movie?

4) To fellow Strange Chemistry Books author Gwenda Bond who just received AMAZING INCREDIBLE AWESOME EPIC NEWS!! I am so excited for you Gwenda – congrats!!

5) To my better half Cheryl who came to London with me and has been a massive support as I try to make a go of this writing gig. None of what I do would be possible without you. It just wouldn’t.

6) To those really nice people who send me an email every now and again telling me how much they loved POLTERGEEKS. Thank you! That’s the fuel that keeps a writer going.

7) To my agent Jenny Savill l who I finally met when I visited London last month and whose faith in me as an author knows no bounds. That’s a fresh tank of writer fuel with every email and she’s just started submitting a book that I really hope sells because I could write books featuring that protagonist until I’m old and grey. Thanks, Jenny!

8) To fellow ANA author Keren David who took time out of her busy schedule to attend my book launch party. I was fairly star struck when I met Keren for I am absolutely in love with her first two books WHEN I WAS JOE and ALMOST TRUE. I believe I was actually gushing over her like a sad and pathetic fanboy. I’m about to start reading ANOTHER LIFE.

9) To my agent’s former assistant and now FULL BLOWN LITERARY AGENT Ella Kahn. She came to my events in London and has been another constant source of support for me as POLTERGEEKS wound its way through the submission process. I just can’t say enough about Ella but I will offer this much – she’s gonna kick ass as an agent. Just you watch.

10) And finally, to my editor Amanda Rutter. She gets my writing. I think she actually gets my writing better than I do. Amanda has been awesome throughout the year. She bloody well NAILED the cover art for POLTERGEEKS and she’s got so much energy and enthusiasm for YA that it’s infectious. So thank you Amanda, for everything this fall. (Because I can be a pain in the ass and she’s too nice to kick me in the nads when I need it, I think.) Oh, and she bought me a Tardis cookie jar for my Bday. How cool is that? Now … I wonder if she likes zombies, teenagers, machine guns and a bad dude named Sunray. Time will tell, methinks.

11) To Maggie and Laura and Connie at the old day job. Huge fans of my writing. Wildly enthusiastic. You guys rock … end of story.

So there you go … a top 11 thanks for people who mean more to me than I probably tell them. Believe it or not, I do consider myself to be living in a bit of a dream world since I finally managed to get published after years and years and years of trying. My head is filled with stories to tell and I hope to tell them. I’ve been crazy productive over the past three years in particular and I think it might be due to the fact that I’ve hit middle age at about eighty miles an hour and I want to make something of myself before my son puts me in a home.  It is a great privilege to have been able to get four books out there. To have found an agent. To have found an awesome publisher in Strange Chemistry and everyone at Angry Robot Books.

As for me? Well I have to complete revisions on a project that I hope one day finds its way to a bookstore near you. Then I am going to start a very ambitious project that has nothing at all to do with zombies, ghosts, witches and magic. Stay tuned for updates as I get started.

Thanks everyone! Happy Friday! Go Norwich City!!!


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  1. so happy for you! Your are a talented writer and finally found the right fit with your agent and publisher. I am looking forward to watching and reading you successes 🙂

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