Merry Christmas!

It’s about five in the morning on Christmas Eve – it’s about – 24 Celsius outside my window and we’ve got record snowfall in the tiny metropolis of Saskatoon. The houses on my street are fairly lit up with rainbow of festive colors and the sky is clear and cold. I hate winter and aspire to spend Christmas in the future where palm trees grow and where I can drink something tropical out of a coconut shell. In the meantime, I’ll struggle through another frigid Saskatchewan winter and count my blessings while I’m at it.

This has been a fantastic year for me. It started with news that my agent had landed me a two book deal with Strange Chemistry Books. It led to my developing a wonderful working relationship with the talented, awesome and irreplaceable Amanda Rutter. It got me making a bit of money at writing for the first time. I was able to visit London to launch POLTERGEEKS. There I met my agent Jenny Savill for the first time. I also met her former assistant and now full-blown agent Ella Kahn. I had a fabulous lunch with my better half, Ella, Jenny and Amanda. I met the incredible Keren David whose books you should read if you haven’t. I got to tour around an amazing city. I met book bloggers whose enthusiasm for POLTERGEEKS really was very touching and now at Christmas, I’m counting my blessings.

So Merry Christmas to my agent who makes me want to become a better writer.

Merry Christmas to my editor who gets my writing better than anyone, I think.

Merry Christmas to new friends I met in London (Hello Liz and hubby! Hello Kim Curran! Hello Sarah Mussi)

Merry Christmas to everyone at Waterstone’s Bluewater!

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful bloggers who came to my launch.

Merry Christmas to everyone who has read POLTERGEEKS and loved the book – there’s more to come in STUDENT BODIES. It’s darker, grittier and presents a new side to Julie and Marcus.

Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Loan! (I had to say it – It’s a Wonderful Life – best Christmas movie ever!)

Merry Christmas to my fellow Strange Chemistry Books authors.

Merry Christmas to all – now go forth and be festive. Count your own little blessings whichever they may be and let’s hope for a safe and peaceful 2013.


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