Wherein I save Barnes & Noble/Chapters-Indigo & get a Knighthood

Further to a posting I did a couple of weeks ago where I suggested that ;book bloggers (and book forum members) can and should be the salvation of the book section in your local newspaper, I’ve decided to save big box booksellers.

Amazon is killing you. Solution? Turn your websites into a social networking hub. Tap into the power of the blogosphere. Bloggers and book forums have a built-in social network whereas you, dear big box bookseller, don’t. Some of you are trying to reinvent the wheel and I’m simply saying that you don’t have to. Bloggers blog and review for the pure love of books. It is their passion. Call me crazy, but that’s a fairly solid framework from which to build something.

Have blogger events in-house, too! They will share EVERYTHING within their social network – they’ll live blog, live tweet, record on an iPhone and post onto YouTube. Are you getting me yet big box chains? No? Here, I made you a pretty picture:


So what do you think? Personally, I say they’re nuts not to. Also, I technically don’t qualify for a Knighthood because Canadians can’t get them anymore. Dammit.



  1. Canadians don’t get Knighted anymore? But you’re still part of the Commonwealth! Maybe there just hasn’t been a Canadian worth Knighting of late…until you 😉

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