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My mum is turning 79 on the 26th of April. She’s a big cat lover and I guess I am too. (Not to the point of spending my spare time making LOLCAT pictures of my two fuzzy friends. No … wait. I do make the occasional funny picture and post it on my 22 yr-old son’s Facebook page.)

Mom would prefer that I put a cat in every single one of my books and I’ve tried … there’s a cat in POLTERGEEKS at the start of the story and there’s a cat as a main character in my novel UNSEEN WORLD. Both are Siamese cats – I had one growing up. He was basically my best pal until he died of feline leukemia when I was twelve. I’m not going to talk about my many cats over the years, but I would love to hear about your favorite cats in the books that you’ve read. In celebration of all things feline, here’s a quick sample from my book UNSEEN WORLD. It’s where Walter the Cat is described by his owner, the 40-something superhero named Marshall Conrad. Oh … and there’s the start of a May-December romance thingy. Enjoy!

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