1. This is charming, witty, funny, real, and most of all SENSIBLE. Thank you for writing this. Those bad reviews still hurt like hell, but dwelling on them serves no purpose except to make me doubt myself.

  2. jess

    All this is great. Good advice. I like to go to some of the books I love and read the one star reviews on there. That’s when I realize that people are stupid. I got a two star review yesterday and I’m still trying not to slit my wrists though. But that’s just me, I’m messed up.

      • jess

        It is. The price might be too high for me, however. You don’t know how these things are going to affect you until you do them and my health is suffering since I put my book up for sale. I wish I was the type of person who can handle it, and I thought I was but apparently I’m not. Most of my reviews have been great, but I’m considering taking the book down. Fighting a mental illness and dealing with everything that comes with the book at the same time has been excruciating, even though a lot of it has been wonderful and people have mostly loved it. I may have to take it down. It sucks.

  3. Brenda T

    I haven’t received a bad review- YET. And this may sound like I’m some kind of sick masochist, but I’m kind of looking forward to the day I get one. After all, aren’t artists and authors suppose to experience naysayers and such in order to grow????

    In all seriousness, though, THANK YOU. This was one of the best pieces of advice I’ve read to date.

  4. Excellent advice. I can’t please the four children who sit at my dinner table each night so what hope do I have of pleasing everyone else? Love your work, Sean.

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