I’m Organizing a Blog Tour for STUDENT BODIES!

Want in on it? I’m looking at doing something from 19 August right on up to 3 September 2013. We can do interviews, YouTube stuff, there will be giveaways and some swaggage. Sound like you, dear Blogger? Well then click “CONTACT US”, fill out the form and I will be in touch!



  1. Hey Sean. If you’d like I can post your 20 random questions post you did for me and post it on the blog as part of the tour? Would have to be on a Thursday though as that’s the set day for the feature.

    Sound good? Saves you churning out any extra work at least

  2. Hey Sean! I’d love to help, but I’m on my blogging break until the second week of September. 🙁 However, I’d love to still host you on Writer’s Alley. Maybe we could do something separate sometime during September? BTW – LUV that cover!

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