Autumn Contest – Send Me Your Pictures of the Season!

Why yes, I do love autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year largely because of the fact that I relate the season to the happiest times of my childhood. Where I grew up in Northern Ontario, well, it was just colour, colour, colour ..,. everywhere. There was a wooden bridge over the train tracks on Eva Street and I used to love how it would frost over. Each morning I would skid across that bridge, determined to slip along further than I did the day before. And all around me were houses decked out in a celebration of the season – decked out, meaning massive piles of leaves waiting to be bagged. And Canadian Thanksgiving is at the start of October – who doesn’t love a good Turkey dinner. Of course my birthday is October 7th, so you know … cake and free stuff!  (I am turning 46 this year. I’m not so crazy about my birthday nowadays.)

Living now on the Canadian prairie (which is where I’ve lived most of my life) well, autumn is a crap shoot. In Eastern Canada you can count on getting at least two months out of the season before getting hammered with snow. Here in Saskatchewan, we get snow sometimes crazy early. Last year we had snow on October 10th and it stayed until April. I think I like autumn even more now, living on the prairie, because it is so fleeting. And this year the weatherman says we can expect snow in early October … again. GAH!

So I need your help! I want to live vicariously through a photo gallery of pictures that readers have emailed me. Send me a nice autumn scene that you’ve snapped a shot of with your smartphone and I’ll post the pictures throughout the next few weeks along with details about where you took the picture and even you, if you like. Email your pictures to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca. 

Round about the end of October, I’m going to pick three winners and send them a signed copy of my latest, STUDENT BODIES. And don’t forget to email me your address in case you win!

So … help a guy out who might be buried in snow in a matter of days. Autumn is the paint by number season – so many colours and for a melancholy guy like me, so many memories.



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