Here’s what I’m up to this year


(Revisions Face. Every Author Wears This Face When They Are Revising A Project.  There’s Usually Swearing Involved.)


It’s 2014 and time to issue a small report on my activities, so here we go:

I’ve had two books released in two consecutive years – that’s a pretty decent accomplishment that wouldn’t have happened without the hard work on the part of my agent Jenny Savill. And she’s working hard again with one project that’s currently on submission – I’d love to tell everyone about the plot, but I can’t … its just too cool.  What I can say is that’s it’s not Young Adult, it’s good old fashioned urban/dark fantasy that doesn’t feature a teen witch and her dorky boyfriend. It’s got a hard as hell to kill  main character – a guy I could write about until the cows come home and it takes place in a port city. That’s all you’re going to get out of me for now – I hope like hell the book sells because I’ve already started on a sequel to it so there’s that.

But fear not, YA fans – I’m just finishing up revisions on a YA project that’s about a thousand miles away from my books POLTERGEEKS and STUDENT BODIES. It’s dark, terrifying at times, bleak and if I do say so myself, probably will raise a few eyebrows if we sell it because it’s … well, it’s different from a hell of a lot of YA these days.

And I’m still writing other stuff. Last year I completed a middle grade project – the first time I’d ever tried something middle grade. There’s a hippie grandmother with wild conspiracy theories, her intrepid albeit sceptical granddaughter, a heck of a lot of missing cats and possible alien abduction. I’ve plotted a second book with the same characters involving Bigfoot and a rogue moose on the loose.  I might even write an experimental first chapter these weekend to see if it brings a smile to my face like the first chapter in the first manuscript

I’m also plugging away at another YA project – this time a contemporary one involving a shoebox filled with letters from the Second World War and a very basic premise: once upon a time, young people saved the world.

I’m also spearheading a monthly writer’s meetup here in Saskatoon. I’m planning day-long writer’s workshops on a quarterly basis this year – I did two last year and they were well attended. I have my old day job of course … one day I hope to make the jump to full-time author. That day ain’t here yet, though.

So there’s lots going on. I hope to report a book sale one of these days and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.  To everyone who’ve cheered me on over the past couple of years – thanks for everything. I’ve had two trips to the UK thanks to my two books from Strange Chemistry. I met some amazing people. I’ve watched English Premier League football in England – that’s sort of like living the dream for a fan who lives on the cold Canadian prairie. It’s been a hell of a ride and I hope for some authorly success to report in 2014.

Have a great year, all!


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  1. By Dani Harper on

    I sure relate to the “author face” — and the swearing. Seems to be part of the process. Love dark urban fantasy and wish you every success with your new project, especially those ever-elusive SALES!!!


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