1. Thanks for this, Sean.

    You have called me out on my history of un-poured concrete, figurative and literal. I’ve been needing to pour a slab for my office for about a decade!

    Even writing shorts, I “need” to have everything figured out before I continue.

    Just this past week, I managed to push past that “need” and finish a long-languishing 85K WiP (which may never be spoken of again). Turned around and wrote the first draft of a short in a day and a half.

    Funnily, it turns out that editing stuff on the page is easier than editing stuff that is still in my head. Go figure.

    Thanks & Stay Warm!

  2. Well done on finishing that draft! Have a nice cold beer and celebrate! Now revise, revise, revise! Huge accomplishment and a great reminder that you might actually cut it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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