A Message To The Grade 9 Students at Trenton High School

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(Action shot of  obscure Canadian author talking to teens)

Hey Gang!

Thanks for inviting me to talk up books and publishing and my journey as an author. It was awesome to meet all of you and to answer your questions. Thanks for the HUGE card, the gift card to Timmies and the Werther’s Chocolate Toffee which every author on the planet knows can be life-sustaining fuel when you’re knee-deep in the act of book writin’!

I just wanted to leave you a note from a guy who actually spent time in Grade 9 back when Dinosaurs ruled the earth.

If you’re reading … read more. It’s all out there for you to discover. Everything that humanity ever said, ever thought of or might be thinking … it’s there in books. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading because the great thing about books is the odds are heavily in your favour that you’re gonna find a book or two or twenty or a hundred that will connect with you on a level that you’re going to carry with you all your life. And there are authors dying for you to read their stuff! We want to take you on a journey that will transport you through time and space … or will challenge you to consider your place in the world. The people you are right now … right this very minute … and the people you’re about to become.

If you’re writing … write more. Write every day. Write every chance you get. Your word processor, your pad of paper … whatever you choose to write a story, your thoughts, your hopes and dreams and ambitions … it’s a big blank canvas waiting for you to fill up with words that paint a picture. that speak to the heart, that have the ability to transform you and those who read what you’ve written. Writing … serious writing is a love affair. It’s a passion. It’s what’s constantly on your mind because you’re always generating ideas for stories yet to come. So just write. Just keep writing. Tell. Your. Story. Tell as many stories as you can. Create worlds, characters and events that will make a reader stand up and cheer, drop down on their knees and weep, inspire, dream … you name it.

Very simply … make your writing “un – put – downable”.  Just keep at it.

And if you’re not reading … give it a test drive. Kick the tires. Take it for a spin. Wander around a book store or the library. I guarantee … I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that if you do this … you’re gonna find something to read that will absolutely rock your world to the very core. And it might even make you want to read another book or possibly even inspire you to try your hand at writing.

Thanks again for having me. It was a fantastic visit. You guys asked awesome questions and hey … thanks for reading my book!

Take good care!!!


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