Superhero/Urban Fantasy Fusion for only 99¢

Why yes, I’m conducting a book promotion experiment and I’m a little bit of a mad scientist right now because book marketing is serious voodoo science. Nevertheless I am undaunted because I have this crazy idea that book lovers, particularly urban fantasy book lovers might want to spend 99¢ ($1.07 CDN) on a self published little project I call MARSHALL CONRAD – A Superhero Tale. Behold the BIG GIANT COVER ART:



Pretty cool cover, hey? So you can buy this lovely 80K word thriller for less than a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s or Dunkin’ Donuts if you’re American. You can get the Kindle version here or you can get the epub version over at Smashwords.

Oh, you probably want to know what it’s about … well it’s a self-pubbed version of my 2011 novel UNSEEN WORLD. It’s no longer in print & I have my rights back to the work so instead of letting the manuscript collect dust on a flash drive, I decided to throw it out to the universe. Here’s the blurb:

Someone is murdering the good people of Greenfield, and there’s talk of a serial killer on the loose. Finding him should be an easy job for a guy with super-powers; too bad he keeps falling out of the sky. If Marshall Conrad has any hope of ending the killing spree, he’ll need a little help from a morbidly obese shop keeper (who just happens to be a witch) and a hard-drinking senior citizen with a penchant for lifting heavy objects… like auto- mobiles. Corrupt cops, ogres, thirty-six-year-old Siamese cats, and of course, the netherworld. All in a day’s work when you’re trying to save your city from a simmering evil that’s about to be unleashed.

So there you go! I hope you can part with 99¢ – a small amount to pay for a blast of a summer read featuring a cantankerous superhero, May-December romance, a granny with superhuman strength and a thirty six year old cat named Walter.




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