• As a rule, you can ask an agent about some of the fundamentals but there’s no money in self publishing for literary agents so it’s just one of those things an author has to take on. A number of agencies, though, have set up imprints in-house for their authors to sell their backlist and I expect we’ll see more of that in the future.

  1. Congratulations on reaching a personal best bestseller-rank 🙂

    Yes, I think the 99c price point helps – if people are trying a new author, they want as low a price as possible. So if it turns out they didn’t enjoy the novel, they only spent 99c on it, so not that’s not a big loss. Had you charged $1.99, readers who hadn’t tried your work before may not be as convinced to give you a shot. 99c is much more attractive to potential buyers.

    As for why it hasn’t led to your Poltergeeks sales lifting…they’re different audiences. Yes, they’re both YA, and may be similar in tone, but a lot of adults just aren’t interested in YA.

    Agreed – the Shade Fright cover is good! But it’s a very overcrowded genre, female-character urban fantasy. Male-character urban fantasy doesn’t seem as numerous, so you may have a better shot with that.

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