1. Sacha

    You could very well be right. I hope I get to get my foot in the traditional door before this happens.

    On the other hand, the majority of books out there are still print books. I’ve heard 70%, but that could be dated info. I also feel like the “audience” for ebooks is different from print books. Publishers found this out in a big way when they ponied up seven figure advances to self-pubbed superstars, only to have the sales be less than expected (E. L. James aside). Yes, some people read both print and digital, but I think most readers are die hard one way or the other.

    As you said, writers put a lot of value in the cover art and editing process, and I think a lot of readers do too.

    In any case, hybrid = choices = longevity. (I hope)

  2. I’m a hybrid author, and I do think it is the way to go…but…it should be pointed out that you can’t just “decide to go hybrid.” You basically have to do the impossible and be able to (a) get picked up by a publisher and (b) be able to successfully self-publish. Doing one of those things is hard…really hard. Mastering both? Few will be able to do that. At this point in my career I think I can safely say I have done both, but I don’t know that every author would fare so well.

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