Got Zombie? The North in Animated Gifs – BOOK GIVEAWAY

north-KDP-coverIt’s done. It’s available now in print, and as an ebook. THE NORTH is a pretty damned dark book if I do say so myself. It’s got zombies, teenagers hanging by a thread and trying to stay alive while the world around them burns. It’s got non-stop action and a lot of twists and turns and a shock ending that you won’t see coming. So here’s some animated gifs that will help articulate what I’m talking about here….










The Walking Dead Twd animated GIF

Movies Zombie animated GIF

The Walking Dead Zombie animated GIF

Car Tank animated GIF

Cat Crazy Cat Lady animated GIF

Alpine Blizzard animated GIF

Blizzard Driving animated GIF

Blizzard China animated GIF

Apologies For The Abysmal Quality Don Draper animated GIF

Interested yet? I hope so – it took more than two years and a lot of revision to get it done. This is a completely different kind of book for me – where POLTERGEEKS was light and airy and STUDENT BODIES was snarky and dark, THE NORTH is bleak & terrifying and cold because it’s a crew of teenage orphans and the story of their escape from the city to a place they hope is safe. But how can anyone be safe when dead walk and the living are just meat? I hope you read it and get a kick out of my attempt to write the Great Canadian Zombie Apocalypse novel.

Oh and hey … I’m giving away copies of THE NORTH. Five of ’em! Want to win one?

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3 thoughts on “Got Zombie? The North in Animated Gifs – BOOK GIVEAWAY

  1. I grew up with vampires, werewolves, aliens, and lots of zombies!!! I watch every zombie movie out good or bad I just can’t help myself. Love zombie books and lucky for me more and more good authors are writing GOOD ZOMBIE books not just a bunch of stupid and ridiculous garbage. Would love to read your book – I haven’t read a good zombie book in a while. Thx and have a great weekend! =)

  2. I am having a moment of severe brain fog. I think those gifs terrified me. Yep, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. My favorite Walking Dead character is the woman with the machete whose name has temporarily deserted me in this moment of fear (it was the cat with the machine gun that did it). I think your book sounds wonderful. A great zombie book should really be a bit bleak, in my opinion.

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