1. Great post Sean.

    You know what I don’t see enough of anywhere in the yelly — and distracting — conversations?

    Reasoned consideration of what is appropriate for the individual writer. Isn’t the true gift of accessible self-publishing the gift of choice? Why is it even important for somebody to say one way or the other is better for everybody, or even for most?

    This is an issue that I have even with the saner of the zealots (like, say, Hugh Howey) — I don’t give a rats rear end what is best for most. I care about what is best for me and my work and I want to be the one to decide what that is. Sadly, people seem to be more interested in selling their point of view than in educating the less-experienced writer.

    Hugh recently ripped on Chuck Wendig lamenting that he could be one of the great thinkers, “if only …” Thing is, I have learned more from Chuck than I ever expect to learn from Hugh Howey, including the fact that, for me, right now, the gatekeepers of publishing (in my case, the gates are those related to short fiction) are a very good thing. They offer me feedback and a forum to sharpen my craft at a time when that is exactly what I need.

    Even topics like the discussion of rights to your work have been reduced to “keeping all of your rights is best”, when I am not convinced that it is a universal truth for all rights. It is clear to me that having your rights tied up and not earning money for you is a bad thing, but I am a little fuzzier when it comes to rights that are retained, but also not earning money. I expect some of those can be sold and that it can be more productive than trying to do it yourself. But that kind of discussion seems to take a back seat to whatever works in favour of promoting a particular viewpoint.

    I could go on and on, but I need to remind myself that what’s best for me right now is to go submit that story.

    NOTE: Reposted to the proper place

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