I’ve got GROOVY book news!



I’m pleased to announce that my first ever middle grade book comes out this fall thanks to the good folks at Rebelight Publishing! (Yes, I’m finally being published by a CANADIAN PUBLISHER!)

The working title is A CURIOUS CASE OF MISSING CATS and here’s what it’s about:


Fear not! Penelope Ann Pickersgill and her grandmother are on the case … assuming that Grandma Bev can coax Penelope out of the spare bedroom and into her psychedelic minivan.


Did I mention that Penelope’s granny is from the 1960’s?


Sure there’s macrobiotic food, and yes, the soundtrack from Woodstock is playing on Grandma Bev’s CD player. Yep, the house smells like incense & the Groovy Gals (a trio of hippy seniors with a penchant for civil disobedience) want to bring down City Hall. 

But … there are strange lights in the sky. Grandma Bev is certain there’s a UFO cat-abduction conspiracy afoot. Penelope, being the sensible one, thinks all the evidence points to a faceless corporation that produces GMO’s and one very angry farmer. If only she can convince her granny.



It’s  a mad romp to uncover a mystery amid a backdrop of colorful characters and one larger than life pensioner determined to save her granddaughter’s summer.

So, pretty cool eh?

A shout out to award winning author Edward Willett for nudging me toward submitting the project. Thanks, Ed! (PS – order his books. Order E.C. Blake’s books while yer at it because that’s Edward Willett, too!)

Onward, 2015!


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