1. I agree so much Sean – social media can bring out the worse in people, and some just love a drama. Sadly though, people get hurt by it.

    I sometimes complain that as a book forum owner, I’m not seen as a ‘blogger’ and am left out of a lot of things. However, there are times when I’m really pleased about that. My wish has always been to bring authors and readers together – I’d hate to get wrapped up in the drama and fights!

    On the subject of kickstarters, if someone starts one, it will either be supported, or it won’t be. For those who don’t wish to support it, why get involved?

  2. And you hit the nail on the head. If you disagree with the whole living expenses thing, then don’t support the project with your $$ – why express your outrage to the Internets?

    I’m going to come out and say it – a lot of this has to do with being mature about things.

  3. Well said! There’s this thought that artists (including writers) must create solely for the sake of creation. That’s a wonderful thought, sure, but it’s unrealistic. Even writers need to eat. They need clothes and places to live, too. To think otherwise is to be delusional.

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