Send Me Cats – Save These Cats!

I’m running a contest for the next week here on my little blog in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

Send me cat pictures. Sort of like this cat picture of one of my cats.:



I want a gallery. Every entry goes in to win a copy of TO CATCH A CAT THIEF.

Cat Thief Twitter


There are 5 copies available, all you have to do enter is:

  1. Send your cute cat pic to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca
  2. Tweet this contest 
  3. Facebook this contest

That’s it. That’s all.

Send me cats – save the cats of Thornhill from alien abduction.

Won’t someone think of the kitties?

PS Contest ends Friday June 10th at 12:00PM MTN. It’s open to Canadian, US and UK cat people.



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