What to do with POLTERGEEKS

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It’s been two years since Strange Chemistry Books went under and a host of authors were thrown into that terrible dark place we go when a publishing house closes its doors. A bunch found new homes for their books and a few tried their hands at self-publishing. It’s hard to get a new book deal for previously published material. I lucked out with my book THE NORTH which has been selling like crazy with new cover art and a new home at Severed Press.

I never did get to continue and eventually finish my Poltergeeks series because of Strange Chemistry’s closure. I was ready to pitch the third book to them when the end came.

I have a soft spot for Poltergeeks because it was my first kick at the can for YA and it was the book that landed me my first literary agent. It got me two trips to London with my wife. It introduced me to great people like Andy Robb, Sara Grant, Keren David, Katie Dale, Laura Heath, Sam Cook, S.F. Said, book bloggers aplenty. God, the list is enormous. I met so many great people and I possess a treasure trove of great memories from my visits to London that I wouldn’t exchange for a six figure deal from a Big 5 publishing house.

I got my rights back for both books and I want to get them back out there as new editions. Hell, I want to continue writing the series because Julie and Marcus’ tale isn’t over yet. I’m so pleased that many of my friends who wrote for Strange Chemistry are finding huge success two years later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everybody who was published there because I think that in the brief time Strange Chemistry existed, some of the finest young adult books ever … were published.

jamais vuBut it is now two years later and I have a decision to make. Do I self-publish both books and continue with the series or should I wait? I’ve contacted two very good Canadian publishers and inquired as to whether they might be interested in reading the books and considering reprints. Obviously I’m not going to self-publish until I’ve heard back, but it seems to me that both titles could be making me some money and right now they aren’t…. so there’s that.

And there are also the fans of the series. While both books were never anywhere near bestsellers, I had a small and loyal fan base. And in the two years since Strange Chemistry keeled over, I’ve been contacted by a few of them asking when the next book was coming out.

So … what to do with Poltergeeks? I guess I’m in a holding pattern until I hear back from the two publishing houses. No hurries. No worries. I’m currently writing a YA horror project entitled BLACK SKY for my agent. I’m self-pubbing IMMORTAL REMAINS in August.

But I feel that Poltergeeks isn’t over yet. There’s more to do. More to write. More adventures to come.


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