Kobo Customer Service Hell

no shits


My son is posted to an armed forces base in New Brunswick and doesn’t have an internet connection. He’s got high wireless bills for his smart phone because Canada has some of the highest wireless rates in the galaxy. He’s got no wheels and there isn’t a lot to do on the base in your spare time. So … I bought him a Kobo Glo ereader on June 26th which was his birthday. And … I find out two days later in an email from Kobo that they don’t deliver to PO Box addresses. Never mind that nowhere on their website does it say they won’t deliver to PO Box addresses – see below:


And so began my customer service hell story, of which, I am currently rotting away on Day 5.

I have been dealing with an offshore call center in the Caribbean where there is very broken English and miscommunication aplenty. First via their online app and then over the phone. Here is my transcript of my interaction on Thursday June 30th.


I have told them repeatedly that my son doesn’t have a street address and there is no use mailing it to me because I live across the country. And in a bizarre exchange, the “manager” at their Caribbean call center told me after I asked what should I do that I should collect the e-reader for my son and hold it until he gets out of the army.

Yes. She actually said that. I even asked her to repeat it and those were her exact words.

I called yesterday. I am told my “ticket has been escalated to another level. I have no idea when or if I am going to get a refund and I am really fucking angry about this.

I just want my $158 back, That’s all I want. And now, five days after contacting Kobo’s customer service and more than a week after I ordered the product from their website, I still haven’t received a refund.

I am in customer service hell.

UPDATE 8:21 AM MTN, 5 JULY 2016:

Now this …




UPDATE 9:21 AM MTN, 5 JULY 2016:

Refund being processed. Thank you, baby Jesus.

People, I cannot express to you enough in words how I now strongly STRONGLY recommend buying a Kindle. I don’t own one, but I will get one. I have been buying off Amazon for years and have never in my life experienced a customer service screw-up like my experience with Kobo. And I have to express my disappointment in Kobo as it is a Canadian company and as a Canadian, I kind of expect the company would have figured out how to take care of its customers better.


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