Turning Back the Clock in Saskatoon

Brad Trost, thank Odin, is not my member of parliament.  But he’s an MP in my city and even though he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of ever becoming the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, he’s tossed his divisive, anti-choice, anti-same sex marriage hat in the ring. And, naturally, rather than talk about what qualifies him to lead the Conservatives and possibly Canada for that matter, his approach is to talk about issues that most people whose knuckles don’t scrape the asphalt have long since moved on from, namely, his opposition to same sex marriage which, the last time I looked, has been the law in this country near about a decade.

Normally I don’t use this space to get all political but I am today. Full disclosure: I swing Conservative on most things. I’d probably describe myself as a Red Tory or someone from the old Progressive Conservative base. I’m not socially conservative – I loathe the term, actually. Because social conservatism is all about turning back the clock on things like same sex marriage and abortion. (We have solved the politics of abortion here in Canada, folks. We simply have no law so it isn’t illegal. It’s a uniquely Canadian way of dealing with a political no-win; just move onto other things.) Full disclosure again: I voted for Justin Trudeau last year in our federal election. Why? Because I got tired of the mean-spirited nature of Stephen Harper’s government in its later years. I didn’t like how they treated veterans. (I am a veteran.) I was just … tired.

But I will give credit where credit is due: one of the things Stephen Harper did exceptionally well was to purge the knuckle draggers from his party, by and large. I suspect it’s one of the reasons he was such a control freak: there has always been a strong knuckle dragger contingent in mainstream conservatism. It bugs me, but there’s nowhere for those folks to park their vote. They could start a Knuckle Dragger Party of Canada but that would only split the vote among conservatives and hand the keys of perpetual governance to the Liberal Party of Canada.

But back to Brad Trost.

He’s been getting a bit of press lately. Notably by claiming that opponents of same sex marriage are discriminated against in Canada. So there’s that. He’s also said that were he to win the Conservative leadership race that he wouldn’t repeal same sex marriage. Naturally this makes no sense to me because if he wouldn’t repeal it, why discuss it at all? Oh, right … it placates the knuckle dragger base in Canadian conservatism.

I’m not sure what bothers me more, the fact that Trost is even running to replace Stephen Harper or that the few candidates who have already declared aren’t coming after Trost for his knuckle-dragging views.

He’s an annoyance. I don’t entirely understand how he keeps getting re-elected because his two key issues (same sex marriage and abortion) have long ago been settled as national issues. I am mindful that Canada is a free country and he’s perfectly within his rights to spew forth and multiply, but it makes me uneasy that this guy is getting any kind of media traction at all. This could be symptomatic of a yawner of a Conservative leadership race, it’s too early to tell.

What I will say is that I am tired of hearing about opposition to same sex marriage. That allowing lesbians and gays to marry somehow threatens traditional marriage. (Even though heterosexual folks account for a divorce rate of around 45%. It would seem to me that straight people are the real threat to traditional marriage – they seem to be screwing it up nicely all on their own, thank you very much. God knows I did.)

Move on from this guy Saskatoon. Move on from social conservative knuckle-draggers. As our freshly squeezed, sexy, shirtless and huggy new Prime Minister would say … “because its 2016”. (Actually he said “because its 2015 but I am taking liberties here.)

Who do I want to win the leadership of the Conservatives? This lady here. Now if only she would run.


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