1. Anne Rogers

    Hi Sean, I’m a writer too (sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy, magic) and it sounds like everything you have I have (diabetes, back pain, writer’s block) but hang in there fella it will pass, the writer’s block that is. I’ve had it before this will be the second time for me. I am making a New Year resolution to kick it’s ass on January 1st if not sooner. I have just finished reading your Tim Reaper Book and I really liked it. I found it exciting, gripping and had great difficulty putting it down, reading till 6 am most nights till I finished it. I have just started writing a supernatural story so right now I need all the inspiration I can get to try and keep myself writing. I hope to get your next Tim Reaper book as soon as it comes out, I hope your writers block doesn’t mean it isn’t finished. I like your idea of promoting other authors books, I would like to promote your books in the same way, I hope it will catch on. Regards Anne

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