Bummed out about President Trump? Here’s some free books to help you feel better!

Social media is melting down this weekend because Donald Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President yesterday. Look at how happy Donald Trump is!

I know. It sucks. Lots of people are going to march today. Others still, will continue to flood social media with memes and news stories telling us what we already know about the pussy-grabbing, orange-skinned Sith Lord but we still need to remind ourselves until our collective eyes bleed. It’s sort of a global exercise in self-flagellation when you think about it because no amount of Internet memes or expressions of despair will make him disappear from the face of the earth. We are all of us, in this together.

I figured you know what? This whole thing sucks. I know a lot of you want to drink yourself into oblivion (or smoke legalized marijuana in some states). I get that. But for those who aren’t into wrecking their liver or binge-eating Doritos due to the munchies this weekend, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. That’s right; I’m giving away books as a distraction to the beginning of what most of you believe to be the end of days.

This weekend only, the following books are FREE for your Kobo, Nook or any other e-reader that reads EPUB format. Because I care, dammit. I care too much. (Seriously, look how sad that screamer is in the video.)

Turn that frown upside down with sweet, beautiful FREE escapism that can only be found between the pages of a good book. Here they are, just click on the links and download. (Feel free to offer a review if you like. That’s how we pay it forward, yo.)





So there you go. Some nice distraction for you that, I hope at least, will help fortify your soul against the sheer surreal nature of what has transpired in America and which, unfortunately, impacts everyone on the planet because a reality TV star who is threatened by Meryl Streep has the keys to the nuclear weapons cabinet.

Read! Enjoy! Distract yourself because the next four years are sure to be spectacular.


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  1. By Regina Fujan on

    Just finished reading #Grungegirl. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, characters & your writing style. But . . . the errors! Egads! It was worse than commercial breaks during a movie. I downloaded the book from Smashers so I guess I can’t complain too much, but if you are interested in seeing the errors I made note of ( which is not all of them ), let me know. If in future books you decide to use a proofreader, let me know. I’d be happy to give you my catches. Thanks for the read!


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