Spiffy New Cover Art for IMMORTAL REMAINS & an Update about the Second Book

A year has passed since Immortal Remains was released and it has been a fantastic seller for me. Like, seriously. For the bulk of the past twelve months I’d been receiving monthly payments from Amazon that told me this whole hybrid author thing might not be a flash in the pan.

There are 61 mostly four and five star reviews for the book. It’s got a nice little award from book blog One Book Two. I get new subscribers to my newsletter each week and the sales of Immortal Remains have boosted the sales of my other books so thanks everybody who bought it and who loved it. (And thanks to those who bought and didn’t like it. Sorry it didn’t work for you. Maybe you’ll like the second book better.)

To celebrate, I’ve had the cover redone and put it out to the universe. Behold!

I think it’s pretty cool, don’t you?

Now for some other news. The GIrl on Victoria Road, the second in my Tim Reaper series will start accepting pre-orders on August 17th, so mark your calendars. It’ll be released mid-September and before the first day of fall because I said it would be a summer book and I meant it! 🙂

Oh and here’s a snippet from the forthcoming book:

After saving the humanity from a psychopathic angel bent on hastening the end of days, Tim Reaper can be forgiven for hitting the bottle hard. It’s not every day that a former grim reaper gets to fall in love for the very first time only to have to kill the girl he’s fallen for or let the world burn. It’s five months since Reaper had to make an impossible choice.

Meanwhile in North End Dartmouth a mother has been stabbed to death in her bed and the only witness is an eight-year-old girl with a peculiar gift. She knows the truth of all things and has taken to writing the base code of the universe on her bedroom wall. She possesses knowledge no human being was ever meant to have and that means she’s got a target on her back. Angels, demons and everything in-between have the girl in their sights and her only hope of survival rests with Tim Reaper who must keep her alive long enough to meet with someone Reaper calls, The Man with the Big White Beard.


I strolled into the 7-11 and my nostrils filled with the smell of grease mixed in with various volatile organic compounds of everything from nachos to hot dogs to fried chicken, all in their individual wrap or containers and each sitting beneath a heat lamp that could probably cause skin cancer if you got too close. I scanned the store and saw there was a sketchy looking male of the douche bag persuasion wearing white sunglasses and a jean jacket with the arms cut off. He quickly looked around the store to see if staff were watching and then grabbed two energy drinks and stuffed them in the pockets of his dirty jeans of the kind where boxers are clearly visible because the jeans hang off your ass. Apparently this looks cool on some distant planet of douche bags.

The poor bugger didn’t stand a chance. He was a dead man walking and didn’t even realize it because the manager of this particular 7-11 is a fifty-year-old man who has been working at the convenience chain since he was fresh out of high school, and almost always on the night shift.

Dave Exner is an anomaly, I think. The reason for this is because I do believe he has actually found the elusive secret of happiness that human beings spend their entire lives searching for. He has somehow managed to build a three-decade career out of working in a convenience store chain and he actually experiences joy the moment he doffs his 7-11 dickey and heads out the door each night. He’s human, by the way. And he’s seen everything.

No, seriously.

He’s literally seen everything there is to see when it comes to nocturnal activities of criminals, junkies, supernatural beasties and late-night shift workers with hard core coffee addictions. I’ve known him for more than a decade after having stumbled into his shop covered from head to toe in green goo . I had just disemboweled a ghoul who thought it might be a nice idea to make a meal out of my former host as I drunkenly staggered up the dark alley next to the store after consuming far too much tequila for anyone’s good.  Dave didn’t even cock a wary eyebrow when he first laid eyes on me because, as mentioned, he’s seen it all.

Oh yeah, I should state that he’s also in possession of a nasty-ass theft deterrent agent and that’s why the dude with the sunglasses didn’t stand a chance the moment he decided that swiping a couple of cans of Red Bull would somehow enrich his life. In fact, the douche bag’s life was about to end and he didn’t even know it.  But I knew it because I’d seen what was about to happen before.

Dave nodded my way and then snapped his fingers. He pointed to the back corner of the store.  There was a sharp gust of wind that blew straight down the center aisle.

Except it wasn’t wind. It was his time.

His mouth dropped open as if on a hinge when the imp revealed itself at the last second. Yeah, you read that right, too. I said imp … as in demonic minion. He goes by the name “Phil” (short for Filisiaspazuzu) and he ain’t no accountant. The creature was visible for less than three seconds when it simply opened it’s maw and swallowed the douche bag whole; spitting out the two cans of Red Bull which landed on the floor covered with slime.

As Sparks alluded earlier, this particular 7-11 is the only one in the entire chain that hasn’t experienced a robbery for the past fifteen years? Phil is the reason for that and Dave is Phil’s best friend. Sort of.

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