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We’re about a month and a half away from the release of the second in my Tim Reaper series, THE GIRL ON VICTORIA ROAD. I hope everyone will be as happy with this installment as they are with the first in the series.

This is a bit of a different pace from the first one as Reaper takes time to get to know the eight-year-old girl with epic powers that heaven and hell want dead. There’s Detective Carol Sparks as well, providing her insights not to mention her bad-ass skills as shooting demons in the head.

Pre-order will be available soon and look for this to be our round about the first day of fall.

In other news, I’ve decided that I will publish Tim Reaper short stories because if you’ve read IMMORTAL REMAINS, you’ll know that Reaper has been living with human beings for a century. And every time a body gets damaged, he hops into a new body at the moment of its death. He’s been everything from a rum-runner to a hockey goon.

So I think that I;d like to explore his previous incarnations and the best way to do that is to throw some short stories out to the universe and see if the universe approves.

These will be round about 5000 words and will sell for a fixed price of 99¢ on Amazon and Smashwords as they get things out to Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc.  When can you expect the first Tim Reaper short story to drop?

Christmas Day, 2017. A holiday gift for fans who’ve made IMMORTAL REMAINS my best selling book ever. (I still can’t get over the fact that I get emails from prefect strangers telling me how they loved the book and wanting to know about the next one. That’s an amazing feeling and I think it’s one of the factors in helping me overcome my writer’s block I had been suffering from for the past fifteen months.) So here’s what’s coming this Christmas!

Pretty cool! What’s it about? All of the Tim Reaper short stories will be about Reaper’s little hobby that is mentioned in the very first chapter of IMMORTAL REMAINS; he’s hunting serial killers because, as Reaper points out, they have no soul and if you don’t have a soul you don’t get to live.

There’s my news. Really feeling pumped about writing again. Hopefully I will have some exciting news from my literary agent as we have some irons in a few fires out there.

Have a great day!

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