It’s October!

I’m 50 this coming Saturday! (Holy smokes, how did that happen??)

What better way to celebrate than to launch the second in my Tim Reaper Series, THE GIRL ON VICTORIA ROAD. This is a much darker novel than the first in the series as Reaper must protect eight-year-old Charlotte from the guys upstairs, downstairs and in-between because all of them want her dead for the knowledge she possesses. She can see the base code of the universe and no mortal is allowed to know the truth of all things. There are lots of explosions, lots of car chases and a whole lot more. (Plus lots or Carol Sparks shooting creatures from the abyss.)

The Kindle version is on sale now at Amazon for $3.99 and as a bonus,

the price on IMMORTAL REMAINS, the first in the series is only 99¢ to celebrate the new book’s release!    Don’t have a Kindle and EPUB is your format? You can get it here! How cool is that?

Paperback is coming soon! So … get yourself settled in and order up some sweet urban fantasy, Canadian style!

Happy Monday!

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