Cancelled event


Hi All –

Unfortunately the event in Coventry this weekend is cancelled due to some problems getting enough tickets sold in advance for Esquires Coffee House. We were offered an alternate venue but decided against it.

So sorry… 🙁


Big. Geek. Event.


geeksploitation inverse a4

It’s a big honkin’ nerd out on September 9th at Waterstones Kensington! Don’t miss it because ALL. BETS. ARE. OFF! The future of the universe is at stake!!


Authors Andy Robb & Sean Cummings at the Brixton Book Jam


Oh yeah … we had a blast last night in Brixton. A decent turnout and …. beer! They let authors drink beer before reading to a room full of people!


Here’s Andy Robb reading from his fabulous book GEEKHOOD – ADVENTURES OF THE GIRL KIND:

And here’s me reading from STUDENT BODIES without my glasses hence the the reason for my clear lack of Andy’s dramatic flair. I chalk it up to middle age.

All told, a fun night of meeting authors. Very bohemian setting and my thanks to the organizers! Onward!


POLTERGEEKS .. Cheapy Cheapy for Your Kindle! Like $1.99/£0.99!!!


Hey planet Earth …. with STUDENT BODIES, my second in the series is hitting bookstores in like … DAYS FROM NOW … the good folks at Amazon want you to read the first book in the series so that your brain can handle all the CRAZY SOUL WORM EVIL BAD STUFF that happens in book two!! Amazon cares! It’s true!!

And what a sweet deal it is. Got a Kindle? Load up some geeky witchy goodness on that bad boy for only

£0.99 if you’re in the UK.

$1.99 if you’re in the US or Canada!

  • We gots a teen love triangle of doomyness!
  • We gots first kisses!
  • We gots slamming of evil!
  • We gots zombies!
  • We gots mother-daughter angst!
  • We even gots a TALKIN’ FRIKIN’ DOG! How cool is that???




Have You Got The GUTS For This Writing Challenge?


There are less than three weeks left until the 3 Day Novel Contest.

That’s right, you heard me … the 3 DAY NOVEL CONTEST. Anyone can do NaNoWriMo, but have you got the kahones to write an entire book in 3 … FREAKING … DAYS?



What is it? Just an annual writing event held over the Labour Day weekend each year, that’s all. From their website:

Can you produce a masterwork of fiction in three short days? 

The 3-Day Novel Contest is your chance to find out. For more than 30 years, hundreds of writers step up to the challenge each Labour Day weekend, fuelled by nothing but adrenaline and the desire for spontaneous literary nirvana. It’s a thrill, a grind, a 72-hour kick in the pants and an awesome creative experience. How many crazed plot lines, coffee-stained pages, pangs of doubt and moments of genius will next year’s contest bring forth? And what will you think up under pressure?


1st Prize: Publication*
2nd Prize: $500
3rd Prize: $100

*The first prize winner will be offered a publishing contract by Anvil Press after the winner announcement in the January following the contest. Once the contract is signed, the winning novel will be edited, published and released by the next year’s contest.

So yeah, it’s pretty intense. I took part in the event, now in its 3rd decade back in 2007. Why? Because I’m a little bit nuts, but mostly to see if I could do it. And guess what … I did it! I survived. And the 3 Day Novel Contest yielded me a godawful messy manuscript called SHADE FRIGHT which went on to become my 1st published work ever, ever ever ever! That led to a second bookthen a thirdthen a fourth and now a fifth book which hits bookstores in the UK on September 5th and in the US/Canada on September 17th.

If I hadn’t done the 3 Day Novel Contest it wouldn’t have given me the confidence to take some risks with my writing. I’d have never come as far as I have in the six years since that caffeine-fueled weekend.

So … what are you waiting for, punk? Just DOOOOOO IT!!