Hey YA Authors, Publishers & Bloggers! Let’s Do Something To Stamp Out Bullying!!


I’ve blogged about bullying before. I’m going to do it again. I’ll continue to blog about bullying because tragedies like this continue to happen.

It  infuriates me that it takes yet another kid ending his/her life to get politicians talking. To get all of us talking. Here in Canada, our federal government is talking about it. Unfortunately, we didn’t talk loud enough in the past to stop the people who bullied Amanda Todd and we didn’t do enough for Amanda to know that she’s not alone. That people out there give a shit about kids like her.

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I don’t have any answers to this other than to say that we can and must do more to let bullied kids know that help is out there and that we care about them, we worry about them, we want the bullying to stop.

As an author of both adult and young adult novels, I’ve been scratching my head over the past few days since I first learned about Amanda Todd’s suicide. I wonder if there’s something that YA publishers can to to help … like, maybe a list of links (in our books? blogs?) to websites and resources that can help kids who are bullied. (Feel free to shoot this down if you think it’s a lame idea.)

Or maybe just a small symbol of solidarity. Something that kids could easily recognize as being a sign that they’re not alone and that people truly do care about them.

Above  are some jpeg’s that I made this past weekend. I’m posting them on my blog for other YA authors and publishers and bloggers who love YA to maybe post on their blogs and websites and Facebook pages. Maybe if a symbol like this could make its way onto the spine of a YA novel – of every YA novel (yeah, I’m ambitious but it’s an idea, right?) then we’re all speaking with one voice. We’re all saying that bullying is socially unacceptable and young people like Amanda Todd should know that hundreds, thousands, millions of us give a shit about them and we’re putting our stamp on it.

For me, I’m beginning to post links on a new page with resources and support services for kids who are victims of bullying. I’m going to use my little stamp I created as the icon and I’d encourage others who support this idea to do the same.

Imagine if all us who write, publish and are fans of YA fiction got together to stamp out bullying. Imagine if a small symbol like the one I’ve created started popping up everywhere. Imagine if bullied kids saw that symbol and knew what it meant?

Bullying needs to stop … now. I hope YA authors, publishers, bloggers and fans start talking about it. Maybe together we can do something. Maybe together we can let bullied kids know that people give a damn about them and they are never alone.

UPDATE: I’ve started a Facebook Page for this as well.


Don’t have time to read POLTERGEEKS? You can listen to it!!


This is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Want to order the audio book? Just click on the image above!


What am I looking at here???


I was going through my smart phone this morning – quickly reviewing the dozens of pics I took during my visit to London. A ghost perhaps? Best answer gets a free signed copy of POLTERGEEKS!

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So feel free to comment and please leave an email address so that I can pick the best/most plausible answer. Me? I’d like to think it was something supernatural – a fitting end to a trip to promote a book about ghostly activity, witches and slamming evil. (Not that ghosts are evil. Are ghosts evil? You tell me!)


We have a winner!


Now that I’m back from London, I want to thank all the bloggers who took part in my Blog Tour for POLTERGEEKS. Thank you so much for spreading the word! And finally, we have a winner of all four of my books – Zara Alexis!!!


So Zara, send an email to info AT sean DASH cummings DOT ca and I will fire off the books for you this week!



Launch Party in London & Why Book Bloggers Rock!


Canadian urban fantasy author mugging for the camera. Better half is giving him an”alright, tone down the schmaltz” look as she takes the picture.

Fellow ANA authors Michelle Newell and Helen Moss chatting it up. Michelle is wearing a KILLER dress and I told her so. Lovely book bloggers in the background.

Here’s me, my agent Jenny Savill to my left, her awesome assistant Ella Kahn to my right and enthusiastic book blogger Ellie.

Here’s my editor Amanda Rutter and my agent Jenny Savill extolling the virtues of middle aged authors from the frozen Canadian prairie.

Here’s me trying to get the secret  password from Ella Kahn.


What can I say? I’ve never had a launch party before but it was a lovely time. I met fantastic fellow authors including Keren David whose books everyone should read. (Actually, read all of our books … just start with Keren’s). We had wine. We had cheese. We had back wrapped sausage (YEAH BABY!!!) and I met fantastic bloggers who took time out of their personal lives to come and celebrate the launch of a pretty special book. (One blogger, Sister Spooky, brought me a bag of candy.)

And here’s what’s massively important, I think. A handful of bloggers actually came to see me.

Um … wow.

Each one of them were warm, wildly enthusiastic and at the same time, down to earth people. They each shared their thoughts on their favorite books and I learned just what a tightly knit community exists among book bloggers. You know, you see bloggers tweeting back and forth online. You seen them leaving comments on each other’s blogs – but the shared love of books and dare I say even fellowship – that’s truly a sight to behold when you get them all together in one room.

Very simply, book bloggers – you are all fantastic people. Keep doing what you’re doing and to those who came to my launch last night – I was really very touched by the amount of support that you’ve thrown my way.

Three more days in London. Two big events this weekend. I hope I get to meet more bloggers because they’ve been the highlight of my trip to England.